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Mittermayr prompted the brand no longer to use "Buffergram", none spoke to to put on "Buffergram" and to apply for any brands that include the words "Insta" or "Gram", in the future. However, so Mittermayr, the daughter of Facebook at this time wouldn't have to although however the rights to the words "Insta", "IG", "Instagram" or "Boomerang", "Gram". The law firm had in a Conference know that you still don't own the rights to "Gram", that it will work.

When Maina said that he clarify the case on an official way the USPTO would want to let, Kilpatrick had him Townsend & Stockton know that he would - be charged the same day with jurisdiction in California and the prospect that the process would take the next two to three years.

"Since I have unfortunately not even a fraction of the financial resources of Facebook, I finally canceled the trademark and assumed the cost itself", so Mittermayr. "The chance to get the trademark, was my search is not very high, but guaranteed. This successfully to defend was unfortunately however unfeasible against as a group."

That Mittermayr now must settle its customers about the new service, hits him hard. "I live by Buffergram, the service paid my rent, my expenses and a small salary," the entrepreneur. Buffergram would be used by nearly 100 agencies, as well as several thousand social media managers worldwide. Accounts cost according to the scope of services (tracking, number of posts per day) between 5 and 250 dollars per buy instagram followers for cheap .

That the Instagram mother Facebook takes action against small services, which use similar names, is not an isolated case. Recently the British entrepreneur was prompted Danny Lucas from Facebook to rename his app Littergram. Lucas also was threatened with a lawsuit, he should change the name.

Instagram is an increasingly important pillar for Facebook. acquired 2012 to one billion US dollars, the photo app 2016 to make sales more than three billion US dollars - mainly with advertising, based on the targeting system of Facebook.

No, today is not a normal Monday! Today is the birthday of Princess Charlotte! Also, the British Palace published yesterday four new photos on Instagram and the world is thrilled. The photos are commented on not only "geliked" and "geshared", but also thousands of times.

Totally understandable - it is also a cute little girl! The pictures show Charlotte in the blue or pink dress with matching Strickjäckchen playing in Anmer Hall, a country house of the family in North East England, folk.

The entire editorial staff is still disagree on who the little mouse similar looks, Kate Mama or Papa William. We hope that even today a few pictures of the birthday party go online.

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